About Corstat

CORSTAT is a community of interests of the regional statistical offices of Switzerland and aims at the promotion of official statistics at the regional level. The members of CORSTAT form two regional conferences which help in reaching this aim. These are: the conference of Swiss German regional statistical offices (DRSA) and the conference of the regional statistical offices of French and Italian Switzerland (CORT).
The main objectives of CORSTAT are:

  • Promotion of official statistics at the regional level, especially at district and city level
  • Contribution to the development of a system of statistical information which corresponds to the needs of the different statistics users, particularly at the regional level
  • Co-operation in the realization of the Swiss Statistics System
  • Co-operation between the regions

To reach these aims the regional statistical offices need to be included in numerous groups, such as commissions and working groups. The co-operation with federal statistics is guaranteed at three levels:

  • in permanent groups in which regional representatives are included as experts in commissions and working groups;
  • in working groups which deal with questions or current national surveys such as the Population Census
  • and, finally, in other working groups in which quite specific aspects of the official statistics are developed

Although CORSTAT came into being only a short time ago, its role has been embedded well. The new organisation has clearly improved the coordination of both regional conferences by integrating their activities in a central structure with clear objectives.

Cantons et villes dans le système statistique suisse (Gian Antonio Paravicini Bagliani)

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