The Section Official Statistics SSS-O is a section of the Swiss Statistical Society SSS. Members of the SSS (natural and juridical persons as well as official administrative bodies) can become members of this section if :

  • they are engaged in the area of official statistics
  • their activities relate to official statistics
  • they further the goals of the section.

The Section Official Statistics:

  • represents the interests of statisticians engaged in official statistics
  • interacts with universities, public and private research centers as well as users of statistical information
  • facilitates contacts among statisticians on a national and international level
  • promotes professional trainings and programs
  • supports and defends the professional ethics
  • encourages the use and development of statistical information
  • supports  the activities of statistical offices with regard to satisfying the informational needs of users
  • contributes to the recognition of statistics as an independent discipline in the sciences and to the acknowledgment of official statistics as a public service and national task.