The objectives of REGIOSTAT are:

  • to contribute to the development of an integrated Swiss statistics system by encouraging the coordination between the federal system and the regional systems and by promoting cooperation in all statistical activities (thematic and organisational) that are of national and regional interest;
  • to integrate the districts and cities from the beginning in the developmental process of the statistics system, as well in organisational, legal, technical and institutional matters as in respect to thematic questions;
  • to include the districts and the cities in the development and realisation of projects of the federal statistics which affect the regions directly;
  • to form a forum where the confederation and the regions can share their professional competences in the statistical domain in an optimal way.

REGIOSTAT members are:

  • the director of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO);
  • the head of coordination and scheduling as well as another member of the SFSO directorate;
  • the directors of the district statistical offices;
  • the statistics representatives of the districts which do not have their own statistical office;
  • the directors of the city statistical offices;
  • the president and vice-president of the Swiss Conference of Regional Statistical Offices (CORSTAT).
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