About DRSA?

The members of CORSTAT form two regional conferences which help in reaching their common goals. These conferences are: the conference of Swiss German regional statistical offices (DRSA) and the conference of the regional statistical offices of French and Italian Switzerland (CORT).

The conferences organize themselves independently. They select their president and vice president themselves.
Both regional conferences collaborate closely and coordinate their activities. The regional conferences inform the executive committee of CORSTAT about their work and initiatives, and they are the principal discussion forum where considerations are taken, proposals for joint projects are made and discussions are led. Generally, they audit most businesses of CORSTAT and comment on consultations of the CORSTAT executive committee. They convene as required, but at least twice annually. In arrangement with the executive committee of CORSTAT, the regional conferences can form specific working groups, which are open to all members of CORSTAT.
The regional conferences propose one or several delegates for commissions, committees or working groups on the regional, national or international level. Candidates for the executive committee are proposed at the general assembly. For regional or inter-regional cooperation, the regional conferences may take over representational tasks.